Crush mediocrity…

Mediocrity is everywhere, and it can snowball and happen to the best of us, including you!

Dive deep into the stories shared in Disrupting the Status Quo. This book is about everyday women who step out in faith and challenge every aspect of their purpose with a zeal to disrupt the status quo and crush the mediocrity that held them back. The stories within this book are written by ordinary women, including a business owners, nonprofit executive, ministers, coaches, a trainer, teachers, mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers.

Their decision to be driven by their entrepreneurial quest and move beyond their comfort zone has propelled them to become authorpreneurs, challenging and disputing the status quo while consistently crushing mediocrity.

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You Don't Have to Be Soul-ed Out to Succeed

My name is Wynona Redmond. I am the founder and president of Wyn-Win Communications, Inc., a Chicago-based public relations agency that places an emphasis on health, business, faith-based, and community engagement. I am an entrepreneurial woman who has learned that you can crush mediocrity and succeed without being "souled out."

Here's how that learning came alive for me.

I was at a Congressional Black Caucus prayer breakfast when the decision I'd been weighing was confirmed. Bishop Noel Jones was speaking. He chided the audience for not using the talents God gave them. He exhorted us to get off our knees and stop writing speeches for our bosses and become our own boss. It was in that moment that I made the decision to become an entrepreneur, and Wyn-Win Communications was born. That was nine years ago.


Wynona Redmond

Wynona is president of Wyn-Win Communications, Inc., a full-service public relations agency. Her 25-plus years of expertise helping organizations effectively engage their communities, employees and other stakeholders has won Wyn-Win an expanding roster of private and public sector clients.

Wynona crushes mediocrity by choosing assignments that have a clear community benefit: “all money isn’t good money” is her mantra. Prior to founding Wyn-Win, she led public affairs and community engagement efforts in both the public and private sector, including Northstar Lottery Group, Dominick’s Finer Foods/Safeway, Illinois Department of Children & Family Services, the Chicago Housing Authority and Cook County Hospital.

A president emeritus of the National Black Public Relations Society, Redmond also served as senior advisor on the Public Relations Society of America’s board. Additional board service includes the NBC Chicago Community Action Board, the iHeart Media Local Advisory Board, YWCA of Greater Chicago and Greater Chicago Food Depository. Awards and recognitions include the Cook County Juneteenth Committee, National Association of Black Journalists, Matthew House, West Side NAACP, Target Market News, Who’s Who In Black Chicago, Chicago Defender Women of Excellence, Top Ladies of Distinction, Today’s Black Woman Expo, Rainbow Push Community Award, the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago and Heroes in the Hood.

She graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a B.A. in Communications.

Reach her at wynona@wyn-win.com or

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 I hope that these stories will convince you that you can also crush mediocrity and start living an undefeated life.

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