30 Days of Trusting God for the Impossible

In her memoir and first book, One in a Million Faith, Tamekia Green-Judge tells the harrowing tale of fighting an illness that seemed to hit her out of nowhere and changed her life forever. For years, Tamekia’s condition stumped her doctors and on many occasions, nearly killed her. But hers is a story of placing faith in the Great Healer and overcoming the fear and harsh reality of living with a life-threatening illness.

Tamekia’s story is a devotional that will lead readers on a 30-day journey to inspire “One in a Million Faith” – faith to be healed when the chances seem impossible. Her straightforward style doesn’t beg sympathy from the reader; instead, it seeks to empower the reader to place his or her trust in the One who makes all things new, the God who heals and makes whole again. 

Tamekia prays her story and testimony will help elevate the faith of others.

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It all started in November 2008; I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I had gotten home from a long day at work and decided that I would relax, take a break, and ease my mind for a bit. I decided to sit on my bed and watch television. Watching a good cooking show always relaxes me. As I watched, the “Iron Chef” show, I started to feel discomfort as a pain started to well up in my chest. At first, the pain was dull, and then it became sharp, so I grabbed my chest and said to myself, “I know that I am not having a heart attack.” At that moment, my heart started to beat faster, and the adrenalin began to pump because my heart was racing. Panic was beginning to rise up, right along with fear...

May you be encouraged as you elevate your faith. May the true and living Father pour into you as you read, study, and believe. May you be open to receive what God has for you.

Her story, in her own words...


Tamekia Green-Judge

Tamekia Green-Judge gave her life to Christ in 2003, but her true relationship with Him was recognized in 2009 when she became ill. Feeling all alone, she dedicated herself to going deeper with the Lord. It was during her battle with a rare disease that her faith was catapulted. Her mission now is to allow God to show Himself to be mighty in the lives of those who connect with her. She prays that others will see the gift of healing that Christ performed within her. She encourages others as Jehovah Rapha uses her as a vessel, to reignite the hope and the faith in those who have lost the joy of pursuing hope for an elevated faith. She is a devout believer, and she serves as an intercessor. She is a project partner with the Live Your Faith Out Loud Book Project. She also is co-founder of Cam Cam Enterprise, LLC and Cam Cam Tire Repair Services, LLC.  She and her family reside in Seabrook, S.C.

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